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Talking About The Future

I think I might have figured out an underlying issue behind my current difficulties.

I am planning a memetic intervention (I want to create a Wikipedia entry, but they don’t allowing definitions of emerging terms). My problem is that the science of memetics only exists inside my head at this point and I’m 95% sure I can end poverty, but I can’t explain it to anyone.

Part of the fundamental difficultly is one of language. Memetics takes one world of widely divergent opinion and attempts to generate another. Every action is targeted at multiple subsets at both ends of the intervention with different messages. It’s multidimensional marketing and fundamental to the process is the answer to “why?” is always “mu.”

To discuss all the actions in terms of a single context is as impossible as discussing events in the world today from a single context. Contexts are necessarily limited. I sat here for a day and a half attempting to explain from a single one and all I managed was to exhaust myself.

I thought that if I could just explain to people how we can do away with money, but there’s no way for me to take this whole plan and write it down. What I am sculpting is a moment five years in the future. Memetics is a performance art and the artist can’t be removed without removing the adaptability from the system.

The Matrix

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