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As I was preparing the last post I looked up a link for my Chase Freedom credit card.

The basic idea is that you get the usual 1% cash back on most stuff, and for you top three spending categories you get a bonus 3%. In their description they say: “3% at the top 3 types of places you spend the most each month. There are 15 categories, more than any other card!”

I wonder what percentage of people will realize that the larger the number of categories the smaller the number of things in each division will be. That exclamation point threw me for a minute. It seemed like they were excited about it so surely I should be as well. I think they’re just excited because they now have to give me less money. ☺

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This is just a brief note to any command line users such as myself to remember the handiness of the little utility dc.

I was wandering the web and came across an estimate of basal metabolism. Now I know such thinks are affected by fitness level and whatnot, therapy pills but I wanted to know quickly what the result was and I wanted to see all the numbers at once so I could know if I was copying them correctly. On the command line, this is just:

echo 195 2.2 / 11.6 * 879 + p | dc

Where 195 is my weight, 2.2 is the pounds in a kilogram and 11.6 and 879 are the line parameters.

As I look at this I start to recognize that most people would find calculator more intuitive. ☺ This is for the geekier among you.

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