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Writing It All Down

I’ve been revisiting the ol’ life plan since turning 31 two months ago. It’s been almost a year now that I’ve been dreaming of starting a business and what I thought was a hill that I could climb with patience and perseverance increasingly looks like a mountain whose top I can’t even see.

All that I really want to do at this point is write down the ideas so that at least I’ll have those to show for the weeks I spent hunkered in front of my monitor searching for a way to get my sense of hope and desperation into a form that the rest of the world could understand.

Wanu Picchu

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Hunting for a Sys Admin

If anyone knows a geeks with free time in the Baltimore/Washington area, I’m hunting for help. It’s impossible to say at this point how things will pan out, but this is a couple weeks work, at least, and an interesting story beyond that.

I’m trying to get a demo out this week if I can just get the computer systems to cooperate. ☺

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