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Google Feedback

The direct click path from ?couchdb tutorial is:

  1. Google Search
  2. Tutorialized: Exploring CouchDB
  3. Tutorialized: View: Exploring CouchDB

Which is the page:

This is half a screen of non-scrolling adverizing covering a page from IBM. This is indisputably a lower quality result than sending me to the IBM page directly.

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Valid JSON

FYI, for the geeks out there, even though:

{ foo: 'bar' }

Is a valid way to initialize a javascript object, it is not valid JSON. In JSON, the key and string values have to be double quoted:

{ "foo": "bar" }

This matters because jQuery 1.4 uses native parsing and the getJSON method will silently fail on malformed files.


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Stupid Find

This command should work, imho:

$file = ~/personal/private/.htaccess;
find ~/ -name .htaccess -type f -exec diff $file {}
              || ( echo 'Replacing: ' {} && rm {} && ln -s $file {} );

It should hunt down all the copies of my .htaccess files that are only there to password protect a directory and make them symlinks to an authoritative version.

There are many ways to accomplish the task and ⟰ is apparently not one of them. ☺

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