First Timers

I’ve been contemplating business ideas. I’ve been thinking about the difference between pornography and prostitution.

I was thinking about if a porn company filmed me having sex with someone and then sold me the tapes that is making a pornography, right? From this idea arose the idea for a site where a person picks out their co-stars and maybe a script, and gets a porno made for them.

The issue would be increased cost, but you could bid all the roles. Who knows what it would actually end up costing.

I was thinking that it doesn’t really have to be pornos. You could just have scripts and actors for roles. People could put money in the pot for various salaries. It would be a specialized Kickstarter for one of their niches.

Surely the process of making a film is relatively standardized. You have to pay a crew, you have to rent a location. There are also post-production costs. The properly designed site could be an aid to helping set up independent producers.

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