Monetizing Content

I’ve been thinking about the distributed ESON object and what I would like to store in it. One of my first projects is an image library.

One of the things I would like is for people to be able to request royalties for use of their work. So, say for example that the artist who did the kitten head at the center of my logo would like a royalty for use of his image.

The first issue is how I know who the author of an image is. The sha1sum of the kitten head is 35813f6e. One approach would be to set:

 { royalty : {
  35813f6e: {
    holder: bitcoin address,
    price: float

As a person surfs the program keeps track of how much the requests are and can optionally pay them.

The issue is what is to prevent Bob from publishing a royalty for Alice’s work. This is where a consensus system comes into play. People include either Bob or Alice’s version in their individual trees and the one that is referenced the most wins.

That or you have a curator who somehow determines the validity of competing claims. That seems more brittle though.

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