Bitcoin Metadata

I’ve been thinking more about applications of the distributed ESON store. I’m very interested in the wealth distribution curve:

The 99.9% having 20% means that they would quintuple their wealth were it distributed evenly.

Something I think might be interesting to tackle the problem is to make a company mostly transparent. I’d like to use the ESON object to hold as much of the company data as possible. I’m primarily interested in the cost information.

It would pair especially well with bitcoins. Each transaction has a unique hash identifier and so you might have a subobject like:

  bitcoin: { transaction: {
    transaction hash: {
      for: product hash,
  } }

The product object would contain whatever appropriate metadata for the thing purchased. For example:

  product: {
    type: 'corn':
    variety: Sundance
  quantity: 24,
  units: tons

The transaction has a sender and a receiver address. So we know the store paid ฿0.2 for 24 tons of corn. Addresses would be owned by individuals or organizations:

  bitcoin: { wallet: {
    wallet address: {
      owner: xmpp id?,
  } }

This way you know who paid and what they got. I’d really like to start with a grocery store. Collect data about the food supply chain and work out where the inefficiencies are. There would need to be shipping information as well to track how stuff moves.

I guess that would be associated with another transaction when the person paid for shipping. In the case of a grocery store stocked by local growers, they might bring it in themselves.

If we had this information though we could create visualizations of product flow to drive better efficiency. I like the idea of publishing it in the DHT and seeing what people create.

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