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Freebase Suggestion Boxes

I wrote a couple days about Freebase. One of the libraries the provide is suggest. It provides drop-down suggestion boxes for inputs. For example, here is a drop-down that lets you select Nebula Award-nominated short stories:

I get that with a little script and a snippet of MQL.

One of the things I discovered as I was working on this is there are entries for nominees for the Nebula short story award that aren’t typed as short stories.

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Converting to WebM

WebM is the video codec Google is backing for in-browser video. Chrome and Opera have support and Firefox will soon.

YouTube is in the process of converting their videos to webm and if you join the HTML5 trial they’ll serve them in <video> tags.

I wanted to convert some videos of my own, but ran into a few problem. The number one Google hit for convert webm is Miro converter. I ran a video through it, but a few minutes in playback got jerky. I noticed that the converter is a front end for ffmpeg.

The binary they use is a subversion build from May 2010, so I downloaded a recent windows build and replaced C:Program Files (x86)Participatory Culture FoundationMiro Video Converterffmpeg-binffmpeg.exe with the download. Someone had fixed the problem in the last 10 months and the jitter diappeared.

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Starting with Freebase

One of the more interesting parts of the web developing currently is Freebase. It is a structured value store that lets you compose complex queries about the relationships between things in the world.

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