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Shadows In the Seeker

The most recent episode of Legend of the Seeker is a virtual tutorial on Jung‘s idea of shadow.

If you’ve never seen Legend of the Seeker before, a bit of backstory… Kahlan is a “confessor” which allows her to magically cause others to fall in love with her to the point of enslavement. In the course of her questing with Richard, they’ve developed a passionate romance, which remains unconsummated because the emotional intensity of lovemaking would surely cause Kaylan to lose control and accidentally steal Richard’s soul.

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New OpenID

OpenID is a federated login service. That means I create one account and then I can log into any site that supports openid. This works fine unless your provider stops providing (like mine has).


Google to the rescue, pills apoplectic your Google profile is also an openid provider.

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Stress and Creativity

Work progresses, but nothing noteworthy yet. I thought I would just capture a couple pieces of flotsam from my life.

The first, an Anaïs Nin quote from yoga class tonight: “When you make a world tolerable for yourself, you make a world tolerable for others.”

The second a video from David Rock on brain function and productivity that reminded me of Dan Pink’s talk:

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Valid JSON

FYI, for the geeks out there, even though:

{ foo: 'bar' }

Is a valid way to initialize a javascript object, it is not valid JSON. In JSON, the key and string values have to be double quoted:

{ "foo": "bar" }

This matters because jQuery 1.4 uses native parsing and the getJSON method will silently fail on malformed files.


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Playing with Javascript

I’ve been playing with John Resig‘s Learning Advanced Javascript and wanted to make a few notes…

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Notes for 18 February 2010

The sort of work I’m doing currently is to work consistently toward a goal and see how much progress I make. Since I know so little about the technologies I’m working with it’s really hard to tell just what I’ll get done. My overall goal is to have my blog served from a piece of software described in a document that can be accepted as a Masters thesis by April 4 (Easter), but what the path will look like to get from hither to yon, I have no idea.

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Switching Development Paths

This is a note primarily for my own reference, I’ve been screwing around with code for a week and this is just a record my thinking should I wonder in the future about the clarity of my reasoning ☺.


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