A Project Root

In the last post I mentioned the idea of adding a user root special directory at ‘…’. My other new directory is the repository (or project) root.

For example, I designed the site mr.pcvs.org for the volunteers in Mauritania. Part of the site is a cookbook, both of those sites though are a part of my web repository.


I also, however, want to make the source for the program public so another developer might find the work interesting. So far as my sites, that information belongs on my personal site, Himinbiorg. Since these items are relative to the repository, I can create links rooted at ‘.~’.

This is different from the home directory link: ‘~’. The root of the web accessible portion of my home directory is likely not the same as the root for the whole thing (and ‘~’ isn’t properly expanded by several programs including PHP).

Creating a repository root guarantees that links can be made between files whose relationship will be maintained regardless of changes in the directory tree. I’m going to coin the term MDVS for what I intend Mȉmis to be. It is a repository for any digital information. Positions and relationships are described in relation to each other moreso than relative to a root.

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