How Business Works

I’ve been wandering through sites of folks looking to change the world and I happened across a TED presentation on motivation and business methods:

I really identify with him at that point about halfway though where you can hear the frustration in his voice at the disparity between the world he knows to exist and the way things are run.

I also found out today that my presentation was accepted. The tricky part is I have an hour and a half to present. I was ramping up for maybe half an hour. Having that much time is freaking me out a bit.

The time I spent wandering the web today has shown me just how many people headed out thinking they could save the world. I really want this opportunity to get everything out of my head and described at least once, but I’m terrified that either it won’t make sense or everyone will just think me naive.

I wandered through co-operative economics sites for a couple hours today and am realizing how much discourse existed that I simply never saw because of the circles I moved in.

What I’m trying to do now is figure out what I need to do to move my life forward while somehow maintaining some sense of doing good in the world. I suppose that’s the one nice thing about the hour and a half I have to fill, at least I know what I’ve got going on for the next week. ☺

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