Running For Office

I’ve been thinking about the uninformed politician problem and what the Technoanarchist position on that would be.

Technoanarchy is the use of technology to create direct democracy, so the natural piece of software for a Technoanarchist politician would gather votes from the people directly affected by a particular policy and simply pass on their preferences.

The voting system would run on Mímis, so all votes would be public and any political organization that wanted to double check the votes could.

Everyday people won’t care enough to spend all their time voting on random stuff — they’ll have better things to do. So, issues could be assigned topics and then people could assign their vote to various lobbies.

I could release a document saying that if I didn’t vote on a bill categorized as environmental policy personally then my vote should be castable by the World Wildlife Fund. Lobbying organizations, wield actual political power rather than exerting indirect influence.

There will still be people with political power. Finagling can still take place. There might even still be professional politicians — individuals who are respected enough for their balanced perspective that others directly assign them their untaken votes. Our current system is just a subset case.


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