After a rocky start with too much noise and bustle, we finally hit our stride today with Holi. Upon arriving in the early afternoon in one of the boroughs bordering Colaba, we were soon pulled into a roving band of young men who snuck us round a corner for a clandestine beer and shoot the shit about whether the US ought to bomb Pakistan.

Much dancing ensued and after getting well colored and wished Ha Holi Kho Li Bah (“Enjoy the day of Holi”) about 200 times we ended up in young Kedar’s house for a second (and quite delicious) lunch.

Ta Dah!

After lunch there was a bit of friendly strong-arming as drum bearing gangs of bare-chested boys stormed the houses in search of donations. They were storming their own houses though, so it was all in good fun.


There were a few different groups of guys and the ones we were with told us that there was a conflict brewing and we best go “chill at our hotel.” I have a sneaking suspicion though they just wanted to separate us from the bottle of tequila we brought to share with them.

After an interesting run in with the neighborhood drug dealer, we ended up back at the hotel. We both have lasting pink and purple splotches (and perhaps a slight chemical burn) to remember this entertaining day.

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