Being Seen

I spent most of yesterday wandering aroung the hanging gardens. I’m not really sure why they’re refered to as “hanging” since all of the plants were growing up from the ground like the run of the mill gardens I’m accustomed to.

So far I’m not terribly impressed with Mumbai as a city. It’s the same bustle and hurry I see in large American cities, just the people are a different color.

There was one exception. Walking down the street I passed one old guy who actually looked at me. I don’t really know how to put it in words, but most people see me as a Westerner or a guy or an American or whatever. There’s some handle they have on who I am and even for strangers I can see a hint of it on their face.

In some inexplicable way, that didn’t seem to be there. I have a theory that because we spend so much time deciding who we are and who the people are around us are, we take resources away from the actual business of living. This guy seemed to be running at a higher resolution somehow.

It’s strange to think that that there are systemic cognitive issues that perhaps affect the functioining of my entire society. What I would like the most is to find someone who is completely comfortable being themselves and talk to them about what that is like. I have a hard time imagining what it is like living without justification.

Like I said though, most people here are like the people back home. A bit nicer and generally more brown, but the basic processes are the same.

I met a fellow named Naved yesterday who is wanting to practice his English. I’m going to try to catch up with him later today and see the “Ranibag” which he said has tigers and crocodiles, so I’m betting it’s zooish. Maybe he can help me in my search for an honest man.

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