It’s Business Time

Jenni and I head to India in a week, and I’ve been getting the props ready for my new job as an evangelist for an economic change. I figure one cannot properly schmooze without business cards, and so I’m making some:

William Holcomb

I’m only expecting to give these to people I want to get ahold of me later, which won’t happen a whole lot, so I’m going to fill in my profession du jour on the dotted line. The whole point of this project is to make it so people don’t have to constantly do the same thing just to stave off poverty, so it seems appropriate.

For the back, I made a DoH logo parodying the DoD with the seven projects I’d currently like to do:

DoH Logo

The cat is the best I could manage in Inkscape. What I really want is this guy drawn in relief:

Serious Kitten

That’ll have to wait for the next version. This is just enough to get things going. The problem is Kinkos wants $18.95 for the first 100 cards. It’s $2.50 for each additional hundred, but I only want 100, so that’s not terribly useful to me.

Fortunately, printing on cardstock is $0.39 in black and white, and rough torn edges have an artsy feel.

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