Hell Is Accidental

There’s only one simple answer: to be true. How to do that though? How can I be true when truth is something that has to be both given and received? It’s nice when the truth can be packaged up into something pretty and nice for everyone, but what about when the truth is simply that mistakes have been made and there are likely no easy solutions?

I want for the world to be a fair place, but it’s not and I don’t know what to do when the truth as I understand it is that chance has conspired to make someone’s life unpleasant. Is it right for me to point that out if I have no interest in doing anything about it?

There’s a guy in my lab who I can’t talk to for more than about three minutes without things devolving into an argument.

I just don’t talk to him anymore and it makes getting work done really difficult.

I don’t know what to say though because he writes C++ like a C programmer and I write it like a Java programmer.

I find his code difficult to maintain, difficult to document and difficult to work with.

I don’t this that is is simply a matter of taste. The problem is I don’t know how much is taste.

It’s like seeing two paintings and knowing one is better than the other.

I can pick out specific characterisitcs of the artistry that mark one or the other as better, but there is still that individual component of simply what I like.

And I know that what I like affects what I perceive.

So I know I can’t see clearly.

It doesn’t help that the only person I know as naturally argumentative as my labmate is my father.

I really just don’t want to deal with it at all.

My current plan is to do my own work and develop a system I know to be solid and maintainable without dealing with my labmate.

I’ve got a month left and this seems the most practical solution.

Neither one of us seems the other with any clarity at all and I don’t think that our issues can really be resolved without addressing those fundamental psychological concerns.

There’s no mechanism at large in our society or work world to deal with it even though is has a profound effect on how the machinery runs.

That’s just one more thing I want to try to fix some day…

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