Evolving Economies

I’m trying really hard not to work on revolutionary plans and instead do robots. They’re just so much less interesting. One quick thought before I go to bed:

Resource production and distribution systems (i.e. economic models) advance in proportion to individual’s realistic capacity to make accurate predictions about the future. The better securities on future action that exist, the more permissive distributions schemes can be.

Virtual identities are only useful in economic transactions to the extent that they can be aligned to unique corporeal actors (otherwise cheaters will simply cheat and dump their past).

We have an existing centralized system for maintaining these identities: credit ratings. The government makes it inescapable and companies can use the information to make more accurate long term decision.

We need something with those characteristics, but non-centralized and publicly available to bring these benefits to society at large. That is the top-down project description I think I need to help people understand what I want to do.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

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