Cowboy Mouth

I went to see Cowboy Mouth again tonight. I think I want to write them a letter and ask them some questions. I’ve been thinking about what that would look like…

Dear Fred,

I went to see your concert tonight and I really enjoyed it. This was my fourth show over the course of almost ten years and every one of them can only be described as cathartic. It’s like pressure washing brain — intense and wild while it’s going on, and leaves me cleaner at the end.

As I was watching tonight, I was wondering about how you feel about your job. Every single time I have seen you, you have been going at it with what seemed like 100% of what you could put into the show. You opened by saying, “I’m here to see that you have a good time and I’m also here to see that I have a good time.” I liked that.

Can you do it successfully though? Do you ever just not want to go out on stage, but you have to because someone is paying you to do it. Is performing ever just a job?

I ask in part because I’m at a point (just turned 30) where I’m trying to find something to do that isn’t just a job. It seems like most everyone’s job is a bore part of the time though, so maybe my expectations are set too high. You talk a lot about being present and giving it your all, and it seems like a person who believes that way wouldn’t put up with much bullshit in their job. You certainly seem enthusiastic.

I hope that you don’t find the question insulting in any way. It’s just that I’ve asked probably 15 people, “What is your ideal way to spend your time?” No one has said, “What I’m doing now.” Almost everyone seems to want to be somewhere other than where they are. I know I sometimes only show up at the office to pay the bills. I’m only asking you if you really like your job 100% of the time because while you were on that stage, it seemed like maybe you do.

In any case, great concert. I felt like the Wildhorse was a big too big on a Thursday night to get the crowd as packed in proper, but still, as always, a good performance.


P.S. Does the star tattoo on your wrist mean anything special to you?

I can’t find any way to send them a message though on their website. That’s disappointing.

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