Today we (knowingly) inaugurated our first black President.

Knowing this leaves me feeling good about the world.

Not that I think Obama fixes racism.

He’s one more milestone along a long road toward healing the moral atrocity that was slavery.

Though, I’ll admit a quiet hope that we are approaching a tipping point.

Maybe someday, I’ll live in a world without hunger or discrimination.

This isn’t simply the unbridled optimism of the incoming administration.

Though I must admit I’m impressed by their political adroitness.

Obama seems to have learned to play the game and not have paid for it with his soul which seems a rarity these days.

In the unlikely event he turns out to be a horrible President, however, I am still hopeful.

Because he is a change. He’s a black guy. This is America.

Black people were property about 200 years ago — bought, sold, traded and killed like so much livestock.

Each and every person in this country, be they conservative, liberal or progressive, can take hope from the simple reminder that change happens.

The world today is not the world of 200 years ago. The future is demonstrably unwritten

I didn’t really get the quote, “today is the first day of the rest of your life,” until recently.

Every day is a new opportunity to answer the question, “am I getting what I want out of life?”

Every moment is another opportunity to choose a new path if I’m unhappy with the one I’m on.

I have choice.

That’s really why I feel hopeful when I think about Obama. I see that I have choice and I see that I live in a world where it seems like other people might know it as well. I do think that we’re near a tipping point. I know several people my age who, like myself, woke up, decided what they were doing wasn’t right for their lives, and quit. Nice quiet respectable departures from the rat race, complete with notice and savings and budgets.

Where will these people go and what will they create?

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