Why open a bar?

Why did I choose a bar as the business I would like to open to feed money into the profit-donation pool?

One of the issues that interests me in contemporary society is the growing divide between the political parties in American culture. I am interested in exploring is the role of the church and group formation relates to self-identification.

I think that it is a problem that we do not have many secular meeting places which focus on the development of community and the capacity from diverse groups to convene for entertainment. I have some experiments I would like to try in different types of activities to see how people respond and what entertains them.

An interactive bar will permit the collection of information and responsive feedback in whatever environmental characteristics can be set to be controlled by a computer. This will simultaneously permit the collection of large amounts of interesting data for generating computational modeling of social patterns and satisfaction.

I also want to create a bar simply because I think I can do a good job of it.

Imagine a bar that knows that you specifically are in it and will be tailoring the music, lights, volume and everything else to your liking.

Imagine a bar that if you dislike something you can access the AI running the environment and give direct feedback as to what you would like to see changed.

Imagine a bar that might invite you to a singles night specifically to introduce you to a special someone who, based on patterns in your data in the Ideapool, you have a high probability of compatibility with.

Imagine that same bar, after your meeting, adjusting its algorithms and learning to make better matches based on the opinions you insert in the pool after your meeting.

Imagine a bar where you know that if you go nuts and drop $100 on shots for your friends that all the excess of your money beyond what it takes to run the place will go into a pool for developing projects to improve the world.

Sounds like a pretty entertaining place, n’est pas?

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