What is the incentive to patronize profit-donation businesses?

Profit-donation businesses have a competitive advantage over a total profit business in that consumers will reinforce their self-concept of being involved in improving the world by choosing and intentionally self-limiting option.

In particular, businesses that choose to leverage the data in the Ideapool will be able to provide better services by mining and making available data.

For example, the business I would like to start is the Anarchist Grill, an interactive bar driven by a machine learning algorithm to maximize the contentment of the patrons.

Another idea would be a grocery store that inserts purchase records into the Ideapool. Those records could then be cross referenced with nutritional information as a part of an exercise tracker or aggregated as part of a budget or used to generate potential recipes. The public records could be used by producers to do market research.

People balk at the idea of having their privacy invaded, but they fail to realize that Wal-mart already knows everything that you’re buying. The day will come when Visa or someone else starts collaborating with major retailers to large scale data mining. There is simply too much profit to be had from exploiting this data. You can’t easily prevent the data from existing, but you can work to see that the benefit is to as many people as possible.

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