What do you hope to get out of TagItAll?

My goal with TagItAll is to produce two things:

  • Reasonably Reliable Virtual Identities — As people invest time into authenticating virtual identities and as those identities are enmeshed in networks of semantic associations, ailment there is an investment which can be added to be using the same identity in multiple contexts. This will enable trust in online systems in a way that is not possible with the level of anonymity that we have currently. The web has to be developed so as to control the actions of the least trustworthy whereas with invested identities it is possible to trust more thoroughly since anyone may add something to the pool to tarnish the identity.
  • Useful Semantic Network Data — This program, health if widely used, anabolics will generate a huge amount of useful statistical data about the meanings of words and their associations with different psychological characteristics. It will, at the least, permit the development of significantly more nuanced artificial intelligences for dealing with both personality and human language.

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