Don’t Talk To The Police

Something that many people never consider until it is perhaps too late is what to do when questioned by the police. I happened upon an interesting presentation by James Duane; J.D. and Officer George Bruch.

The first half is Duane describing the variety of situations where an innocent person can complicate their case by cooperating with the police:

The second half is Officer Bruch describing the power dynamics of police interrogation and how it is unlikely talking to an officer is to help you.

The description of the role of the police was similar to Busted. We tend to think of the police and the courts as separate entities: police keep the peace and courts dispense justice. That’s not the case though, one of the primary roles of the police is to collect evidence so that you can be convicted.

As Duane points out, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law, but anything that you say that helps your case is hearsay. You literally can’t do anything but hurt yourself in interacting with the police.

I’m certainly not advising anyone to be adversarial with law enforcement. While police make mistakes, the average police officer generally wants to uphold the law and make the world a better place. I just think it is important to understand the game you’re involved in before you start playing.

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