Trolling The Habitat

I spent Sunday out at Timberwood, the housing development being constructed by Nashville’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

The build time for the entire project is four weekends. For the Methodist’s site, on Friday there was a concrete slab, and by the time I left on Sunday there was a house with a roof. Granted the roof isn’t shingled and there’s no siding on the house, but it was still an impressive amount of progress for two days.

One of the things that struck me as I was working is, if I were a single 30-something woman, I’d do all my trolling for mates at Habitat builds. The place was crawling with middle aged do-gooder handymen types. I talked to a couple architects, an accountant, and two software developers. Professional guys who, much like myself, are looking to get out of the office on the weekend and build something substantial.

Some people get turned off by the whole Jesus bit and church, but they just need to hang with the Methodists. Once the walls are up and before the siding goes on a Habitat House, the workers write well-wishes on house. The Church of Christ sponsored house across the street was festooned with “God Blesses” and “May Angels Watch Over You” and assorted Bible verses. The Methodists had “Home Sweet Homes”, “Best of Luck,” with the most religious being the “Bless all who enter here” above the door.

Jenni and I have been having a months long discussion of the relationship between doctrine and practice in a church. Honestly, she has some good points about institutions and what our support means for their strength. I won’t say that the Methodist’s practical acceptance of diversity is more important than a doctrine that damns Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Agnostics, Buddhists, Pagans, Atheists, and everyone else not washed in the blood.

It’s a complex question, but so far as meeting nice people who allow their kindness to show in the world, and that I’d be interested in sleeping with were I not madly in love, they’re a good group.

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