Making Giving More Fun

I’ve been to a few different events where someone gave me something in the past few days.

The first was Warner Park’s Full Moon Pickin’ Party. It was about sixty or so folks from the Nashville area who all just showed up with their instruments and formed impromptu bluegrass bands.

The structure of bluegrass is such that the group as a whole would play the basic tune and then they’d go around the circle, and allow each artist to jam for a bit.

I’m honestly not such a bluegrass fan that I listen to it much in the car, but I really enjoy watching people make music. There’s just not the opportunities for someone to learn an instrument in their basement and get to play with a band in other genres.

Then, on Sunday, the Methodists had a BBQ lunch after church for the college students. The ladies of the church prepared deviled eggs, bean casserole, scalloped potatoes, baked beans and seventeen different desserts to go along with the meal.

In both of these times I was struck by how happy it seemed to make people just to be appreciated. Be it the musicians or the chefs, knowing that you’ve created something that made someone else happy, feels nice.

For my part, I think alot of the time I sorta hang back because I don’t want to be seen as overly enthusiastic or fawning. It’s certainly possible to try and force appreciation such that it shows as false. At the same time learning to find that place in myself that is simply happy with the music or the food or the care, and simply showing that to other people works out well for everyone. As much as it is possible to force it, it’s possible to play it cool and squelch a genuine appreciativeness.

Well, the Muslim Student Association has been doing a fast today in honor of Ramadan to raise food for the local food bank, and it’s about time to break fast. I’m pretty sure finding my appreciation oughtn’t be very hard. I’m starving. ☺

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