Lemony Britches

There is nothing like the peaceful quiet of solitude: a time to center in one’s own mind an experience. A time when you can be yourself without the constant pressure to perform that is so much a part of modern life.

In those still moments when we can be ourselves, we can not only connect to our emotions but also to our bodies. Loosening the ties, kicking off the heels — taking a break from the rat race to just be comfortable in our own skins.

A word of warning to any of you who might seek to cleanse your innards with lots of lemons. Drinking nothing but liquids will have an affect on the composition of your gastrointestinal contents. Everything gets a bit more fluid.

This is important to bear in mind should you, while kicking back after a long day, find yourself experiencing the physical ramifications of relaxation. Tried and trusted bodily signals should perhaps not be interpreted in the same way they were previously.

You might end up shitting your britches. Just a heads up.

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