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Software Is Applied Philosophy

Yesterday, I wrote an entry on science as a coping mechanism for dealing with complexity.

It’s a fairly lengthy and philosophical piece. I originally intended to structure things a bit differently, but once it started to get long, I decided to split things up.

It would, after all, be somewhat ironic to spend three pages arguing that good science is based around breaking things into mentally manageable chunks and then, having reached a potential stopping place, water down my point by stuffing more information into the post.

Which is central to what I would like to focus on: establishing boundaries. The previous post started a concept by Patrick Grimm that over time rational models go from being broad philosophical abstractions to specific systemitized sciences. I added the idea that the systemic boundaries are not necessarily “natural” characteristics of reality, but rather that they are drawn to deal with the limited capacities of our mental hardware to deal with complexity.

For a somewhat expanded (and more entertaining) version of that argument, consider reading Lewis Padgett’s Mimsy Were the Borogoves.

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Progressing Toward Specificity

I went down to New Haven this weekend to help Wayne move into his beautiful new apartment. Along the way I was listening to a recording of Patrick Grim discuss “A Philosophy of Mind.”

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