Junk Mail

I have a Chase Freedom credit card. I use it to buy most of my stuff and the balance is automatically paid in whole from my HSBC Direct savings account. I get a bit of cashback and it keeps a larger balance in my savings account. Both of these are negligible bits of money, but who am I do turn down free money?

The one thing that has been irritating me is the huge amount of crap I get in the mail from Chase. They like those promotions which say, “Here’s a check for $20 just for being you (btw, cashing this check enrolls you in our $15/month identity protection program).”

I sent them a message today saying, “Please leave me alone Chase. I’m tired of having to destroy all the things you send me that are much more attractive to thieves than they are to me.”

They didn’t entirely agree to it, but they said they’d leave me alone for five years or until I changed my address. Not perfect, but I reckon I’ll take what I can get.

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