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Mes Courses

I’m getting ready to start grad school in the fall. I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with my adviser and discussing potential classes. I’m pretty sure I know what I want to take:

CS-352-1 Human-Computer Interaction TR 09:35 – 10:50
An overview of human-computer interaction and problems of current interest. Human factors, GOMS, user interface design and evaluation, interaction modalities, distributed cognition, ubiquitous computing. A project involving design and evaluation will be performed.
CS-360-1 Advanced Artificial Intelligence TR 13:10 – 14:25
Discussion of state of the art and current research issues in heuristic search, knowledge representation, deduction, and reasoning. Related application areas include: planning systems, qualitative reasoning, cognitive models of human memory, user modeling in ICAI, reasoning with uncertainty, knowledge-based system design, and language comprehension.
PSY-3100P-1 Statistical Inference MWF 11:10 – 12:25
Introductory course designed to familiarize doctoral students with the principles and procedures of statistical inference and to prepare them for more advanced work in research design and analysis.

I had hoped to have only Tuesday/Thursday classes so I could sneak off to Baltimore for long weekends, but that doesn’t really look possible. I could take a different CS class to make it work, but the psych statistics class is part of a plan to integrate some more rigorous testing methods into HCI evaluation and I like the idea.

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American Life

I don’t know if it is the exhaustion from working all day or if I’m just in a sappy stretch of shows, but the last three episodes of This American Life that I’ve been listening to all day have brought me to tears.

It’s a really good show. The more recent episodes with the stories from Iraq are particularly interesting.

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