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Bulk Renaming

Between Wayne, my mom and myself took about 2000 pictures over our two weeks in Peru. They were all named random stuff like IMG_1985.jpg. I figured to get them sorted, I’d name them according to their dates. Once I got it done I discovered that Wayne’s camera is off by 12 hours. After I did a little research I found that there’s a handy Linux utility that’s exactly what I need:

jhead -ta-12:00 -model SD500 *jpg

To do the renaming then is:

jhead -n%Y:%m:%d_%H:%M:%S *jpg

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Gallery has died again. It’s getting kinda irritating since it tends to do so about every month or so. I don’t think it is really the gallery program‘s fault entirely. I suspect that Dreamhost is cutting the processes off early and it isn’t handling it well.

It’s a pain not only because of the outage but also because I have to reload everything. There’s too many pictures though and it chokes. Even after loading them incrementally, I still lose the captions. (Version changes kept me from restoring the database.)

Flickr is cool. I like the geotagging and community bits. I’m tempted to drop the $25 to create an account for a year. (Since it will take a while to upload 10gb of photos 100mb at a time. Though smugmug looks pretty good, but it’s $40. There’s also Picasa which would be $25 for 6.25gb.

Honestly I’m frustrated since I have hosting. It’s kinda sad that there’s not a FLOSS offering that works well. I love the idea of trying to write one myself, but who’s got the time? Maybe someday.

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Back from Peru and getting caught up on work. Trying out this YouTube thing all the kids are into nowadays.

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There’s a homeless fellow who lives on the block outside MPP’s office. He begins each week reminding everyone to “hang in there” and as the week progresses he keeps a count of the number of days left till the weekend. Today I learned that he is also a blogger.

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