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I went to see Shakespeare Behind Bars and it was really moving. It was one of those movies that filled in my picture of life a little bit more — the lives of criminals and life in prison — and I shifted how I see the world a bit. I just watched the trailer on the website which doesn’t really give justice to the film, but knowing the story I started to tear up again. Definitely worth seeing if you get the chance.

Other activities for the day were less moving. Eggspectations had a nice bloody mary and reasonable crepes, but the hollandaise sauce tasted like mayo and butter. L’Auberge espagnole was cute and had its moments, but I was unentertained by what I saw as the protagonist’s largely passionless philandering.

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If you’re in DC, go to Artomatic. Now. Go.

I saw some amazing stuff last night. Pure Light Seed did a really powerful set. Slam poets Omékongo, Bomani Armah and Droopy gave some really entertaining performances. To top it off, there’s amazing art all over the place.

The sad thing was there was all this amazing stuff and hardly anyone there. It’s in the austere Crystal City. Imagine a bunch of bohemians invade an office building, cover the walls in graffiti, put up art all over the place and start playing music. Awesomeness, huh? It is definitely worth a visit and next Friday one of MPP’s own will be performing with Capitol Fire Arts. That ought to be really cool.

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