DC Life

I’ve been wandering our nation’s capitol for almost a year now. I’ve gone to some of the museums and monuments, and I’ve definitely seen my share of bars and restaurants. Last Tuesday, I got to take part in another part of the DC life: the political rally.

My evening began rolling sushi at a little MPP get-together. It is definitely the way to go with sushi. Normally I get five or six yummy little rolls and they are all too soon gone. When you are rolling your own you can stick all kinds of treats in them and make mounds of sushi.

It was interesting because I was talking to someone about food and started going on about how excited I was for my upcoming lunch at Fogo de Chão. I went on for a couple minutes about how amazing fifteen different types of flame seared meats was going to be before I realized it had gotten quieter. It was then that I remembered that I work for the weed people. In the room of twenty people I was one of three omnivores. It was all good though since that left more of the salmon and cream cheese for me which was so delicious as to nearly cause me to lose control of my bodily functions.

From the MPP party, I headed over to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee party. McK scored us tickets through a friend and it was a sight to behold. Just walking through the door the smell of politics was thick in the air. There were lots of important people milling about and even more people looking to make their acquaintance. The schmoozing was thick enough to cut it with a knife.

My creative team is still working on our business cards and I was already a bit lit, so I wasn’t looking to get my schmooze on. I just enjoyed the live band, open bars and hollering whenever a new seat would be called for the Dems. I doubt that I could have spent the evening with a happier bunch of people. When Pelosi got up to give her speech people I saw people crying.

It was a really fun evening and I got a cute little donkey pin for my lapel.

Things at MPP were a little less jubilant the next day. They lost both the South Dakota and Nevada campaigns. It was unfortunate. We knew things were going to be close, but I’d hoped that things would work out. There were a variety of local initiatives that passed. It’s something at least.

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