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I need to take some time to write a bit. I’ve been really bad about recording anything about this new chapter in my life and I’m starting to regret it. I was cleaning my room today and I found a letter that I started to a friend back in Mauritania that starts with, “I had a really awesome time this weekend…” I didn’t finish the letter and I now have no clue either what weekend that was or what I might have been doing.

I’m just going all the time and when I have some time off I tend to veg out rather than being productive.

So, this weekend… I did the whole work thing on Friday. I’d just shown off the products of a program I’d been writing, and even though it still needs some work, I was a little burnt out on it so I spent most of the morning downloading Red versus Blue at the_archange1‘s suggestion. That is a pretty good way to kill a morning. ☺

That night I went out with my new girlfriend and some of her friends. (Well, not really new, our first date was at the beginning of February.) We went to the DC Improv and saw Louis CK. He was pretty funny. No Eddie Izzard, but funny.

They were headed out to Home which had a floor of Persian, a floor of Latin and a floor of Hip-Hop. I decided though to suck and so headed home for some sleep.

Part of why I needed my sleep is that since I’d not gone on the camping trip to Shenandoah this weekend, I was one of the few members of The Beltway Ballers left in town, and the interim captain. My discovery for the day was that the Washington Monument is really big and because it is really big it makes it look like the National Mall is short. It’s not. Not at all. It is definitely not a short jog to traverse. It is a sufficient distance to instill in an out of shape person a serious desire to either pass out or vomit, possibly both.

The kickball was awesome though. Everyone out there was mildly athletic so it wasn’t ubercompetitive, but it wasn’t boring either. The first inning of our first game the opposing team scored ten points, but after that we got it together and they only scored two for the rest of the game. Unfortunately we only really got our defense together and we only had one person even make it to third, so we lost pretty soundly. The next game though we won 2-0 and the final one 9-3. For our general lack of cohesion and coordination, we did pretty well.

I just really liked being out in the sunshine and running around. Everyone was really friendly and other than a couple people who I felt took the whole thing a little too seriously, a good time was had by all. Kevin and I had to hang out and ump a game and after that we headed to our sponsoring bar, The Bottom Line. 4:00 on a Sunday seemed a little early for drinking, but they had $3 pitchers of Miller Light, so what the hell.

The alcohol helped deaden the throbbing pain that was my lower extremities. I don’t yet own any tennis shoes, so I’d done my jog down the Mall and the kickball game wearing my hiking boots. I’m pretty sure this, the first physical activity I’ve done in the last nine months or so, would have kicked my ass regardless, but my feet in particular were beating out even my fucked up sciatic nerve as the most painful part of my body. That is no mean feat.

So I wandered back toward McKenzie’s after an unsuccessful attempt to buy shoes. (It was 6:00 by this point and everything closed.) I realized while on the train and I was feeling light headed that I wasn’t drunk, but baked to a crisp. My arms and face aren’t the pretty pink of a girl’s summer dress, but the deep red of a well-boiled lobster. Thankfully, McKenzie allowed me to pass out at her place despite reportedly smelling like a beer soaked sweat sock. Bless her heart. ☺

I have only vague memories of her giving me water every so often through the evening and poking fried tofu at me which I stuck in my mouth and apparently passed out without eating since it was still in there when I woke up in the morning. We lie about for a bit and then she headed off to the Darfur rally and I went home for cleaning and trying to will my flesh into being uncooked. (That doesn’t seem to do much unfortunately.) I do seem to be able to sort of hobble again without too much pain, so hopefully I’ll be able to make it to the office tomorrow.

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My First MPP Webpage

Ok, very busy, but working a bit… Stuff for the week:

My First Site: South Dakotans for Medical Marijuana

For Firefox: mortgage calculator (which lets you find out how much house you can afford in addition to how much your payments will be) (if anyone can solve for the term or the rate as the unknown, that’d kick ass), module to add multipart/form-data to python’s urllib2 (as described on ActiveState), the set trainer works better (still broken at times, but better), and finally, a pretty layout I don’t have a place to use currently.

Well, get_brett and jen_do are coming in and I need to go meet them.

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