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I had a really fun yesterday. It just about ran me into the ground, but such seems to be the hallmark of my times as of late.

Tai Shan

It started out with me sprinting to Union Station since I’d found it much more pleasant to lay about snuggling with McKenzie than hauling my ass out of bed. I managed to make it to meet up with Karin a mere ten minutes late. ☺ Cheetahs
After explaining about how the repairs on the red line had the schedule all messed up and forced me to be late, we headed on the the zoo.

The sun was shining. The clouds hung picturesquely in a bright blue sky. Birds were out singing and enjoying the mid-70’s temperatures. It was beautiful and a perfect day to be out. Unfortunately most all of DC had picked up on this as well and al least half of them had decided to go to the zoo as well.

It was a lot of fun hanging out with Karin. We discussed a variety of subjects Armadillo such as how good a panda skin rug would look in front of fireplace, how tender and delicious baby pandas likely are and the benefits of being reincarnated as a panda where your only job is to eat 40 pounds of bamboo a day and do fuck all. These were sparked by the zoo’s biggest star, the new baby panda, Tai Shan. We got our panda viewing tickets without any problem, but the pandas were all sleeping and not all that entertaining aside from their ever present cuteness.

Actually sleep turned out to be something of a theme. Pretty much any animal larger than a breadbox was unconscious. The notable exception were the orangutans. There are cables strung about 30 feet above the walkways at the zoo and the orangutans hold reign over these aerial byways. The same question occurred to Karin and myself simultaneously: a load of orangutan poopie falling 30 feet onto your head; emotionally scarring or funny anecdote?

The O-Line

Neither of us had eaten breakfast and so we breezed by the second half of the zoo and headed to Chinatown to find some lunch. We wandered about a bit trying to find a place that had food for less than $15 when we happened upon a little place called Tai Shan. Clearly this is where we were meant to be. golden They had $4.95 lunch specials: perfect. I asked the waitress if they had any panda and she said “no,” but when she brought me my “chicken” she gave me a little wink. Once I started eating I realized that my chicken wasn’t chicken! I know sweet and sour panda when I taste it. That or golden retriever; they’re similar tastes. ☺

The one thing that was unfortunately missing was bubble tea. Supposedly out in California these fruit based infusion teas with tapioca pearls in the bottom are so popular as to threaten Starbucks market. Fad chaser that I am, I just had to try this latest rage, but didn’t get the opportunity yesterday.

After lunch we headed back to Adams Morgan and went to Bedrock Billiards where Karin schooled me mercilessly in checkers. Along the way we saw some of the teams from the Idiotarod running about with their shopping carts. I definitely want to do that next year.

Post checkers it was starting to get dark and so I walked Karin back to her hotel, said goodbye and headed on the second half of the day: Cowboy Mouth!

Cowboy Mouth

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