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Well, it looks as though I may soon be homeless once again. As I mentioned previously, I have a place to live right now. The place is a little expensive for the space and the roommates a little more sedate than myself, but they’re entertaining and it is two blocks from work.

So, I was planning on spending a couple months here and then reevaluating before moving on. It looks as though there might be a bit of an issue with that as the house is currently unraveling.

It began initially with an overflowed toilet on the first floor. The house, like many in DC, is old and the pipes are small. There was a clog and this caused large quantities of filthy water to come spilling out of the downstairs toilet when someone took a shower upstairs. This didn’t really bug me, as such things are bound to happen from time to time and the landlord had a plumber in within a day to get everything snaked out. It freaked my roommates out a bit though who haven’t had their poop aversion worn away by a couple years in Africa. ☺

Thus it was into an already tense situation that the revelation that the previous tenant of my room was a dipshit came to light. The house responsibilities are divided into people cleaning various and sundry things except for the occupant of my room who did the bills. Now that he is gone the bills are coming due and the discovery has been made that he was fucking around with the numbers and only paying the late fees. Thereby he reduced the cost each month, but it means that essentially no bills have been paid for several months. All the money that people have been paying has been going to the late fees and had no effect on the actual balance leaving an outstanding balance of over $1300 and the gas to soon be disconnected.

I would so want to beat someone’s ass if I discovered that they’d been essentially throwing my money away every month.

The ideal solution to this situation is to go over what the bills, disregarding late fees, were for the last few months and then take the dipshit to court for all the money he wasted. If the landlord will do this though, I don’t know.

My roommates are understandably displeased and are concreting plans to move out en masse. I’m not really inclined to go with them since, as I mentioned, there is a certain disparity in how sociable we are. Ideally, I’ll get to stay in this house till the end of March and then I’ll move somewhere else. Gonna get to see how that pans out.

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Entre le Manteau et le Clou

I am workin’ quite a bit as of late. Gonna take some time this weekend and hopefully update. In the interim, here is some funny from the internet:

Stop, Hammertime

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Here’s a dating question that came up in talking to my roommates tonight. I don’t reckon it’ll ever matter, but I’m curious about people’s opinions.

What are the rules and mores regarding dating multiple people simultaneously? I figured there was an initial period where you’re just dating and then at some point you either get a sense or explicitly discuss your exclusivity. One of my roommates think that there is a lot of variety on the issue and that I’m obligated to discuss the issue with a girl. To me that just seems way too serious for people that are just getting to know each other.

What do y’all think?

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Goings On

I know that I’ve been remiss in not updating more regularly. I am a horrible horrible person in general so far as my communications. None of my friends should ever forgive my complete and total insensitivity.

Anyhow, enough guilt… My move to the big city has been going well. I’ll start at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy and work my way up:

Food: Work is going alright. I am staying pretty busy and everyone is friendly to the extent that anyone really talks in the office. I just got a program done to migrate the press releases migrated over to the new site. There are over 400 of them from the last ten years, so automating that process got me some kudos since it would have taken a temp a couple weeks. It also involved reverse engineering much of Kintera‘s interface, so other sections should go up quicker.

Shelter: I have a house now:

213 F Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20002

I like the people that I’m living with. They’re quirky, but I can hardly be one to fault someone for that.

  • Giacomo: A Brazilian who was working in counter-terrorism and is now volunteering his time for the non-profit Leadership Initiative
  • Erin: With a MS in Social Science from Columbia, she currently works as a senate intern working for Susan Collins
  • Mary: Half-Chinese Starbucks barista currently working her way through o-chem so that she can get a certification as an addictions counselor
  • Eddie: Frenchman here in the States using Ph.D. in computer science to do research in brain imaging at the National Institute of Health
  • Arin: No fucking clue about this guy. I’ve literally never seen him. Not so much the social butterfly this one.

I like the people, but the one thing that really bugs me is the lack of a commons room. The room that it ought to be is Arin’s hideaway. I’m just too sociable not to have people over to hang out. What is absolutely great? My commute.

Inclusion: I’ve been keeping a pretty full social calendar. I’ve had stuff to do most every Friday and Saturday and a couple nights during the week. Some places I can remember going to: Wonderland, Saint-X, The Black Cat, Angles, Cocopooli’s, Intodebleu, BowlAmerica, The Big Hunt, Mackey’s, Bailey’s, Asahi Kaiten, The Brickskeller, Spice, Bread and Chocolate, Bedazzled, Second Story, The Union Pub, Kelly’s Pub… That’s all I remember. Some nights are a little fuzzy to be honest. ☺

The one big problem is money. I have been spending about $60-$80 a night on the weekends and I just can’t afford to do that on a regular basis. I just get really sociable and start buying drinks and that gets expensive fast. I’m wanting to start being a little ghetto and getting liquored up a bit peremptorily, but see shelter as to issues surrounding that. I just got some speakers. Maybe I’ll just start having a preparty in my room. I’m sure the roomies would love that.

Love: I’ve met a couple cool girls since I’ve been here. I’ve found that I am significantly more skilled at befriending than seducing. I also realized that I’ve not asked a girl out in almost seven years. My already diminutive quantity of game has apparently atrophied.

I did have an entertaining afternoon seeing the sights and eating chocolate with an enticing young lady this weekend. I’ve asked her if she’ll accompany me for more fondue next weekend to the Melting Pot when I take Wayne out. I reckon I’ll know about that in a bit.

Self-Actualization: Eh.

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