Well, making some progress on the money front. Just accepted the MPP web administrator position. The money isn’t great (40k which is less than half of what says it ought to be for the web design / programming / server administration I’ll be doing), but it’s enough to get me to move to DC and hang out for a bit. I really liked the folks there and it sounds like it will be interesting work.

It also sounds like it is probably going to kick my ass for a couple months as they are way behind on a major migration to a new provider. I figure I’ll give myself over to it, get it going well and things ought to die down.

I figure if nothing else, I’ll use this to move and get a feel for the city. I’ll work them through the redesign and hosting transition which is the hard part, and I’ll reevaluate how things stand. I’d just have been sitting on my ass in any case, so I figure no great loss.

This is exciting. I’m starting the 23rd however, so that gives me two weeks to build a life. My to-do list:

  • driver’s license
  • ✓ car ($700 • ’98 Chrysler Concorde)
  • car insurance
  • open bank account
  • ✓ Christmas at Grandma’s
  • ✓ computer ($1100 • Sempron 2800+ / 1gb / 450gb RAID 0+1)
  • wardrobe
  • apartment

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