I’ve been having a hell of a time finding a place to live in DC. I’ve been on craigslist just about every day, to little avail. I’ve been sending out messages, but getting few responses and it is kinda freaking me out. I don’t want to walk into work next Monday and not be able to really focus on it because I am still worrying about finding a house. At the same time this is a decision that is likely going to affect me for the next year at least, so I’d like to not make it hastily.

I had a really good lead from Wakana. She was telling me about places and sounded interested until she asked where I was going to be working. After I told her the MPP, communications stopped. Last night I sent her another message reiterating my interest and expressing concern that the nature of my employ was giving her cause for reservation. I tried to assure her and sent her links to my resume and DOS since how exactly does one prove they’re not a miscreant?

Today I got a reply. Two lines:

Thank you for your interest in our house.
As of now the housing offer is withdrawn.


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