PayPal really does suck. When I got ready to head to Africa, I closed my bank account. While I was there PayPal implemented an extra security measure to where I had to enter the whole number of my bank account in order to access my account. Not having brought any documentation from my now closed account to Africa with me, I was shit out of luck. I sent them some emails asking what could be done to resolve the problem, but they always asked me to call them despite my explanation that it would cost me a weeks salary to do so.

So, I left it. Yesterday I called them and explained the situation. Their response? “Oh, that is unfortunate; sorry.” There is nothing they will do. I asked them if they could just delete that bank account from my account so that if I was a criminal that I couldn’t steal anything and they refused. They said that if I can’t find a copy of that number somewhere I’m just locked out.

It is a pain not only because I would like to use PayPal, but also because I think I had some money in the account. Money which I guess belongs to PayPal now since I can’t get to it.

I was bitching to Brett about it and he said that Jen was having different issues. She opened an account with her school email address and school phone number and now doesn’t have access to either. When she wanted to just open a new account, she can’t because a bank account can only be used with one system and hers is locked into the account she can’t access.


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