Wandering Home

I only got back to Tennessee Saturday morning. Before that my schedule went something like this:

Date Trip Period Summary
2005/12/26 Nouakchott – Casablanca 3:00 I went to the Christmas party at Obie’s, enjoyed a fabulous meal, passed on a copious porn collection and bid farewell to Mauritania at 3am.
2005/12/26 Casablanca – New York 8:00 After doing a little shopping with Cailin during my layover I headed back Stateside.
2005/12/26 New York – Cleveland 1:45 I ran harried through customs in an attempt to compensate for my flight being two hours late and made in through in about 30 minutes only to find my next flight delayed for an hour.
2005/12/26 Cleveland – Dayton :30 Not understanding that a single flight could involve changing planes (and thus not expecting the stop in Cleveland), I had told my family to come late making for a bit of a wait when I arrived in Dayton on time. I had missed Christmas, but I got to do show and tell before everyone headed out the next morning.
2005/12/30 Dayton – Cleveland :30 Having spent an entertaining three days hanging out with Uncle Ted and Mema, I headed out.
2005/12/30 Cleveland – Boston :45 Sat in yet another airport playing with the phone my mom lent me.
2005/12/30 Boston – New York 1:00 I pulled into New York having neither a place to stay nor the slightest clue as to where anything was. I rode around on the train for a bit and finally found Valentin in Chinatown. We had some Chinese food and went to a pool hall to await the evening when Nick and Beth came in from DC and we all met up with Carl, Adrian, Caroline and Maggie. Maggie was awesome and put Marc and I up for the night after the lot of us drank a good 20 gallons of beer in a half dozen different bars.
2005/12/31 New York – Montpelier 5:30 Maggie being both brave and amazing lent Marc and I her car and we headed up to Ben’s house in Vermont. The other folks we’d been with had already rented a car and headed up on their own. Once there we met up with Nate, Racey, Dan, Geri, Bouli, Bintu, Danny and Megan. Kegstands and shots of Black at 5pm bode for an interesting evening. My brother Matt came out and did surprisingly well with this group of miscreants before heading back home for another party.
2006/01/01 Montpelier – Stowe :30 Matt came back down and picked me up and I went to visit chez lui. He lives in a really cool old barn. We got some chicken and ice cream and just hung out for the evening. (The sun goes down at 4:30 in Vermont.)
2006/01/02 Stowe – Montpelier :30 Matt took me around the mountain and I turned in a job application at the mountain since I really liked the place. Then we went out to this huge frozen waterfall before heading back to Ben’s.
2006/01/02 Montpelier – New York 5:30 Having said goodbye to Matt; Marc, Nate and I headed back to the Big Apple. Maggie was cool as always and put us up for the evening after we’d all gone out for burritos.
2006/01/03 New York – Arlington 4:30 Marc and I took the Chinatown bus that goes between the Chinatowns in New York and DC. The bus left at 1:30 which in Chinese means “whenever its full” as it was gone when we got there at 1:10. No problem though, the next bus was to arrive at 2:00 which is Chinese for 4:30. After paying as much for the cab ride to Marc’s brother’s house as to get to DC ($20), I crashed out in the basement.
2006/01/05 Arlington – Alexandria :30 I interviewed with the MPP people on the 4th and they asked me to come by and interview the next day. Marc though was worried about trouble in the homestead, so I called up Cat and she agreed to put me up for a night.
2006/01/07 DC – Wythville 7:00 My extended stay with Cat and Lesley was productive: I made my interview wearing a tie I’d bought 20 minutes before in Union Station on the condition that the guy behind the counter tie it for me. I went out to sushi with my cousin Cindy. I mocked Lesley when USC got whooped. I was chastised by Audrey for being a poor communicator. I watched Wedding Crashers and gifted people with cookies. But it had to come to an end, so I headed to catch the 10am bus which I missed by 15 minutes, so I spent my 10 hour wait wandering the streets. Eventually I ended up in the Wythville bus station at 3am listening to people tell stories of having their children taken from them, doing coke and getting shot.
2006/01/08 Wythville – Bristol 2:00 Bright and early I finally made it home and mommy, daddy and myself all headed to Shoney’s for a welcome breakfast buffet.

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