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Travelin’ Man

In Casablanca remedying the fact that I left Mauritania without writing down a single piece of information about my flight out of JFK. Got it all now. Smooth sailing thus far. Exhausted from three days of Christmas and pre-Christmas partying, but just got a big cup of café au lait in me and doing much peppier. Gonna go see my family for ten hours before wandering off again. ☺ Hopefully they’ll indulge me and let me tell at least a few of the stories of the 100lbs of souvenirs I’m bringing back.

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Histoires de Drouges

Last night was solstice and I went over to Molly’s house for some dinner and what proved to be a really interesting story time and candle lighting ceremony.

Afterward we were all lying about chatting and the subject of the most poisonous gastropod came up, as it is apt to do. A different Molly who is a marine biologist told the disturbing story of someone at her university who had been stung a conidae. The poison is extremely virulent and rendered the fellow completely paralyzed. As he lie there on the beach with people all around him assisting his breathing, he was unable to move for several hours. Unable to make any sound at all to tell them to close his eyes as he stared at the sun until it burned out his retinas. What a horrible horrible thing to have to experience.

From there the subject drifted to other drugs and I mentioned that I have an interview for a web administrator position with the Marijuana Policy Project when I get back. I mentioned that really being committed to the work I am doing is something I enjoy and though I certainly think this is a valid issue, I wasn’t really passionate about it. Also, I know from working on the missile defense system what it feels like to have a job that some people disapprove of and I wasn’t sure I wanted another.

It was then that the original Molly told the story of a friend of her father’s who grew marijuana in his house for himself and his friends. At one point he took a homeless man in and fed him and housed him for a while. It turns out that this homeless man was wanted by the police and when they caught him he turned in his benefactor as a part of the plea bargain. The guy got seven years. Coincidentally, during his time in prison he developed a neurological disorder that both causes him to shake and occasionally quite a bit of pain. That he can’t smoke at a time that it would likely help make him more comfortable is another bit of unfortunate irony.

Both the responses of my friends and this story helped me feels a little bit better about the job. More than likely my dad is going to be his usually disapproving self and accuse me of being a pot head. If that be the case, fuck’im. As I’ve been emailing back and forth in the last couple days setting up travel plans I’ve been having long forgotten feelings of guilt and failure at not measuring up to what my parents wanted me to be. I don’t hope to make those go away, but at the least I’ll not let them drive me.

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Par Avion

AT 512 26Dec NKCCMN 03h35 06h25
AT 200 26Dec CMNJFK 12h20 15h30

I wanted to fly out the 23rd, but the plane was full. I’m beyond caring at this point though. I’ll still be about 650 miles from home, but that’s a good bit better that the 4500 I am now.

In the interim I am running myself ragged trying to get everything done.




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