Tonight I brought in the teacher that will be replacing me. I told my students that I will probably be traveling for the next two weeks and she will be taking over. Then the director came by and thanked me for my work and complimented me on my high retention rate. He said they’ve not had another class with as good of attendance.

The thing is that I really like these people. They are interested in learning and they really are making remarkable progress. Senna tonight got “shoulder,” “elbow,” and properly chose the determiner for both number and distance. Later on she actually answered another student’s question. I usually chastise them for speaking out of turn, but I was so surprised I forgot to.

Khadi and Lemine are at the point that when bicker they manage to stay in English for a couple of minutes before degenerating into French.

These people have really helped me remember why I enjoy teaching after my less than productive experiences at the Cisco Academy. They all came up after class and told me they really have liked having me as a teacher. They made me promise to come back once more and play bingo with them.

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