Feel Good Time

ammedley has posted a picture from our shiny night. We so hot.

In other news I got a call this morning from a guy who said he’s got a relative in my English class who told him I rock (not in so many words, it was French, so he said, “rocké“) and he wanted to hire me for his institute. I told him I’m out of here in a month, but it was nice to know that some of my students are enjoying themselves.

Oh yeah, further news, I set my COS dote officially to be December 15th. Now I’ve just got to figure out how to get home. ☺

And a final anecdote, I was hanging out yesterday with M’Baye helping him get a new server up and running with Fedora. He was saying how much he has been seduced (séduit) by Linux. I asked him why he changed in the first place. He explained to me that nepotism is rampant among the Maures. He often feels that, as a black man, they are looking for any excuse to fire him and put a cousin in his place. When he got there they were using Windows 2000 Server. He got rid of that and started with a Linux box because no one knows how to configure one, so his job would be safe.

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