Say you are playing Bingo and you have boards going from 0-99 with a range of 30 numbers for each letter. (B can be 0-30, I can be 17-47, etc.) What are the chances that a given number will be on a person’s board? Seems like one in six since there are five numbers in each column and the range is 30, so there’s a five out of thirty chance.

How many turns will it take on average for a game to play out? For the board above, I verified it in class tonight empirically: for fucking ever. After about ten minutes I started calling out ranges of numbers. “B three through nine, if you have any of those cross them out.”

In other news, the water is out at my new home. (I’ve moved five times now in the last four months, for those unawares.) There’s two toilets in the place and if you’re careful you can get two flushes out of a single tankful of water. I’ve now used those up. My fancy 1200um ckOne deodorant is now fighting an unpleasant battle against the effects of the Sahara on my scent. I tired rubbing it all over to increase the coverage and make it more effective, but this, if anything, made things worse.

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