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Not done.

Leaving anyway.

Interesting things to write.

No time.

Bbye. ☺

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Tonight I brought in the teacher that will be replacing me. I told my students that I will probably be traveling for the next two weeks and she will be taking over. Then the director came by and thanked me for my work and complimented me on my high retention rate. He said they’ve not had another class with as good of attendance.

The thing is that I really like these people. They are interested in learning and they really are making remarkable progress. Senna tonight got “shoulder,” “elbow,” and properly chose the determiner for both number and distance. Later on she actually answered another student’s question. I usually chastise them for speaking out of turn, but I was so surprised I forgot to.

Khadi and Lemine are at the point that when bicker they manage to stay in English for a couple of minutes before degenerating into French.

These people have really helped me remember why I enjoy teaching after my less than productive experiences at the Cisco Academy. They all came up after class and told me they really have liked having me as a teacher. They made me promise to come back once more and play bingo with them.

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Are you still in Nkt?!?!?!

Grr, internet ate my post… So much fascinating and entertaining information all lost to the ages. Oh well, you can solace yourselves with the creative t-shirt I’m buying when I get home: (slang and philosophy all at once, does it get better?)

alt=”ceci n’est pas une fellation” />

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Say you are playing Bingo and you have boards going from 0-99 with a range of 30 numbers for each letter. (B can be 0-30, I can be 17-47, etc.) What are the chances that a given number will be on a person’s board? Seems like one in six since there are five numbers in each column and the range is 30, so there’s a five out of thirty chance.

How many turns will it take on average for a game to play out? For the board above, I verified it in class tonight empirically: for fucking ever. After about ten minutes I started calling out ranges of numbers. “B three through nine, if you have any of those cross them out.”

In other news, the water is out at my new home. (I’ve moved five times now in the last four months, for those unawares.) There’s two toilets in the place and if you’re careful you can get two flushes out of a single tankful of water. I’ve now used those up. My fancy 1200um ckOne deodorant is now fighting an unpleasant battle against the effects of the Sahara on my scent. I tired rubbing it all over to increase the coverage and make it more effective, but this, if anything, made things worse.

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Feel Good Time

ammedley has posted a picture from our shiny night. We so hot.

In other news I got a call this morning from a guy who said he’s got a relative in my English class who told him I rock (not in so many words, it was French, so he said, “rocké“) and he wanted to hire me for his institute. I told him I’m out of here in a month, but it was nice to know that some of my students are enjoying themselves.

Oh yeah, further news, I set my COS dote officially to be December 15th. Now I’ve just got to figure out how to get home. ☺

And a final anecdote, I was hanging out yesterday with M’Baye helping him get a new server up and running with Fedora. He was saying how much he has been seduced (séduit) by Linux. I asked him why he changed in the first place. He explained to me that nepotism is rampant among the Maures. He often feels that, as a black man, they are looking for any excuse to fire him and put a cousin in his place. When he got there they were using Windows 2000 Server. He got rid of that and started with a Linux box because no one knows how to configure one, so his job would be safe.

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M Est Revenue

I’ve been keeping busy with work and haven’t had much time to update. This is just a quick update to get these messages written down because they’re funny… I know it’s more than slightly indiscreet to record this stuff for the internet, but it is just too odd to let go.

M has been texting me again in the last few days. Asking about going out and whatnot. I’ve not seen her in a couple months and I liked the idea. They’ve been getting successively more suggestive which I certainly find flattering though a bit uncomfortable since our involvement would likely be a bad idea for so many reasons.

I’d not really thought much of it until a couple messages came in rapid succession after I’d not made it out one night. There had been the offer of chocolates eaten in interesting ways that I had declined complaining of back problems and a need to discuss the boundaries of our relationship.

2005/11/05 15H15: Good afternoon Will! I hope u r feeling better, so… when do we schedule the massage & discussion? Would b a shame 2 let da WE go by uneventfully! 2 think that i’ve spent most of it working, emailing, texting & calling, but nothing has actually happened! All virtual & imaginary r beginning 2 depress me!

Ok, all fine and good. Put up or shut up, I’m fine with that. It gives me a chance to get things sorted. Then I get another message about five minutes later:

2005/11/05 15H25 Good afternoon Frank! Hope i’m not waking u. Would b a shame 2 let da WE go by uneventfully! 2 think that i’ve spent most of it working, emailing, texting & calling, but nothing has actually happened! I’m not going to insist on meeting up, u have made it clear u see me bcuz u feel obligated. Don’t worry, I won’t bother u anymore, I will leave it up to u 2 call me, if & when u ever want 2 see me again. Take care of yourself Frank!

Ahh, things become clearer. Things aren’t working out with her fellow, so she’s covering her bases. To save time she just went ahead and used the same message twice. Either that or this was some sort of strange jab. You never really know with M. I just sort of let it ride until later I got another message asking if I was going out. I replied that I didn’t know and asked who Frank is. Turns out that he is a fellow much richer than myself but not nearly so interesting, romantic or funny. Well, there’s that at least. ☺

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