I think I’ve blown a fuse in my brain. Something about 22 hours staring at a computer screen trying to master the evil empire while eating animal crackers was a bit too much. (I ate five 150g bags of animal crackers sitting here. That’s over a pound and a half of little fishes and camels. (Mauritanian animal crackers have no bears or lions.))

I’ve been sitting here wandering over good time wasting sites. I went back to my okcupid account. There is a base personality test that they use for broad categorization and I decided to retake that since my last assessment was “Boy Next Door” which I felt was generally fitting, but not completely apt. I wanted to see if things would come out different if I took it again.

The test assesses along four axes:



Rash, Bold, Unpredictable. Makes decisions faster and less carefully than the average person.


Makes decisions carefully. Is aware of, and weighs, consequences. Takes time to think things through.



Kind. Considerate. Less selfish than average. Cares about the happiness of nearby people.


More selfish than average. Selectively moral.



Love is the subject’s primary motivation.


Sex is the subject’s primary motivation.



Relatively innocent. Unjaded. Possessing undiscovered potential. Evolving.


Seasoned. Refined. Possessing perspective through knowledge.

I like the layout of the test and the various axes. So far as overall personality, I think something like the enneagram is a more complete metric. For something that is more easily grasped though and specifically aimed at dating, I like this one.

So, I went from being the Boy Next Door (RGLD) to being that Last Man on Earth (RBSD).

I think I like this one less in description, but I can definitely feel the shift away from love and emotionality in myself as of late. It has just been too long. I’m tired of being lonely and sad. I figure I ought to just get in the game and try and hook up a bit. The rest will just have to wait for that incogitable time when I meet a good woman. ☺

The loss of my innocence is depressing to contemplate. I’m gonna go drink and play pool…

I did have fun updating my adjectives. It pandered to my enjoyment of things hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian. I went from perspicacious, loquacious and irreverent to mercurial, ebullient and blithe.

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