I know some really interesting people here… The game de la semaine is based off the song “Deez Nuts” from The Chronic. The intro to the song goes like this:

[phone rings]

Woman: “Hello?”

Thug: “Whassup?”

Woman: “Hello, what you doin?”

Thug: “Nuthin’, just kickin’ it.”

Woman: “You all done?”

Thug: “Naw, what you gonna do today?”

Woman: “Um, pick up my clothes from the cleaners. I’m gonna get my nails done…”

Thug: “Hey, did what’s his name get at you yesterday?”

Woman: “Who?”

Thug: “Deeeeeezzz Nutsss!”

Woman: “Aw, shut up nigga.”

[phone click]

Trying to get people to say, “who?” when they are on the lookout for it is a real challenge. On our way up to Terjit this last weekend we had a couple Hassaniya speakers with us. At one stop a guy went into a boutique and start talking about a friend of his in Nouakchott who had a friend in this village. When the boutiquiére inquired, “minwho?”, the requisite “Deez Nuts” reply left us all rolling. It was a bit obnoxious, but good natured enough to not be seriously mean.

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