Google Rox My Sox

I was trying to help a friend with a mail problem and I noted in Google’s FAQ that in addition to providing POP access, they also permit SMTP forwarding. Sweet!

This means that I can send mail using Thunderbird. I like gmail‘s interface just fine, but for popping off a quick reply, doing HTML messages or writing in French, Thunderbird had its advantages.

I’ve not been able to use it because though STARTTLS is enabled on both the honors’ server and stderr, they won’t let me connect because none of the addresses in this country have a PTR record. I also can’t run my own server here because our entire IP block has (rightfully) made it into a couple blackhole lists. So, I’ve been limited to web interfaces for the most part.

The neat thing is that gmail takes all the messages I send through it and threads them with existing threads if appropriate. The timing can get a little off, but all in all I end up with a single coherent thread regardless of if I replied using gmail’s interface or Thunderbird. That attention to detail is what I like about the Google folks.

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