I’ve slept twenty hours in the last three days, but none in the last twenty four hours since I’ve been sitting in my lab for that long piddling around. Does erratic alternation between extremes count as a type of balance? Sort of like a seesaw with two big ass rocks at either end?

Internet Explorer sucks, btw. You can’t pull nodes out of a DOM tree loaded via XMLHTTP and insert them into the main document. This means that if you want to pull in chunks of other HTML files you are shit out of luck. Also, getDocumentById is not defined for XMLHTTP objects. I ended up writing a wrapper around the XPath functions to get the nodes I needed. Not that it turned out to matter since I couldn’t use the nodes anyhow.

It has been a struggle and it is far from over. The basic animation components are starting to work, but all the dynamic stylesheets are munged. It is a real pain. I was hoping to have something to send to the invitees before they came, but that is looking iffy since I have actual work to do.

Anyhow, off to sleep for a couple hours before coming in to teach tonight. I did a conference call yesterday with me in Mauritania, a guy in South Africa, someone in New York and someone else in Texas. It was convoluted to say the least. We’ve got some money missing from the last course and quite a bit of equipment from when the Academy started. We’re getting along though. I’ve been feeling better teaching this time. An hour spent looking up the terms I’m going to need in French does wonders.

Off to bed…

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