Well, I’m in my lab, but they’ve disconnected the internet. Just to make sure I don’t get too happy; they have locked me out of my office where there is internet. What I did to make them hate me I’m not sure, but that they want me to suffer is the answer that makes the most sense. Whatever they do it is the most inconvenient thing…

So I have not posted since I’m only online for an hour or so at night. I’ll be even more sporadic as I leave tomorrow to do some work in Aioun and try to fix their DSL connection which is broken in a way that I have no experience in fixing. I’m the biggest geek around though, so off I go.

After this it is off to Senegal with me. Gonna try and catch some monkeys and see a hippo. Hopefully there will be internet occasionally and I’ll do the whole travelogue thing.

Off now for one last dance.

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