I’ve been in the lab quite a bit in the last week getting caught up on the firewall and my classes. The biggest evidence for my occupation is my regular updates. I have a limited capacity for concentrated work; after a bit, I all of a sudden discover I’m not working, but instead recounting my lack of oral pleasuring to God and the internet.

Today I got bored and wandered the net for a while. I took the mythological profile test out of rumielf‘s journal. (I’m a roc, btw.) While there, I noticed that the site, okcupid, is a dating sort of site.

WAIST left me remembering how I like dating and realizing I miss it. Granted, I live several thousand miles from everyone, and I don’t expect to do any dating here, but I made myself an account. I figure just talking to someone would be entertaining. I’ve enjoyed reading the different profiles of people. Still not sure about the general dateability of the fairer sex, but I’m finding two years does wonders for developing willingness to try.

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